Queer Council debuts with events in June

BRATTLEBORO-The Queer Council of Brattleboro, a newly formed group of LGBTQ+ community organizers, will offer a series of celebratory events throughout June for Pride Month.

According to a news release, in late January, Drift Mavyn, of Brattleboro, posted to a local queer friends' Facebook page asking whether anyone would like to form a committee to plan events for Pride Month in collaboration with others organizing in the community.

Ultimately, approximately half a dozen people from a variety of backgrounds committed to the project and became the Queer Council of Brattleboro.

"As a trans elder, I believe it's important to carve out safe spaces - not only for youth, but also to help redefine cultural norms around aging," said Roshe Hebert, Queer Council organizer.

The council's shared goal is to offer ongoing events for queer people to come together, support one another, and celebrate our community.

In four months, the Queer Council has organized four events. Approximately one dozen local businesses have signed on as sponsors and many have donated services, art, gift certificates, and more toward a silent auction. Proceeds will go toward expenses and future event planning.

"Connecting with Southern Vermont LGBTQ+ communities through revelry and reverence bolsters both individual and collective resilience. To gather, to celebrate, to be seen and to be held in the light of community is sacred and magical," said Mavyn.

Visit the Queer Council Facebook page to learn more about the group's events.

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