In-Sight Photography, The Gleanery team up on exhibition
An assortment of student art will be on display at the Gleanery in Brattleboro.

In-Sight Photography, The Gleanery team up on exhibition

PUTNEY — The Gleanery Restaurant in Putney will present an exhibition of photographs by students from the In-Sight Photography Project in Brattleboro.

Join students, staff and board members in a public celebration with an opening reception Sunday, March 8, from 3 to 5 p.m., and enjoy special treats prepared by The Gleanery.

This exhibition is a celebration and showcase of students' work. The opportunity to show their work in a venue outside of the gallery space at In-Sight offers the students a wider audience and introduces the public to the mission of the In-Sight Photography Project.

The Gleanery is a community-based restaurant that works with many small farms and skilled artists and artisans in the area, and regularly opens their space to organizations such as In-Sight that share their philosophy.

In-Sight Photography offers photography courses to youth by providing classes, one-on-one mentoring and all photography supplies. Experienced volunteer teachers impart the foundations of photography, while encouraging exploration, discussion and collaboration, with emphasis on positive engagement in students' communities.

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