Thanks to Landmark College for the warm reception

PUTNEY — More than 120 alumni of Windham College, which closed in 1978, attended the recent reunion held in conjunction with Landmark College's 30th anniversary celebration in Putney.

Our alums were deeply impressed not only with the improvements and additions that Landmark has made to the former Windham College campus, but also with the way Landmark carries out its mission to “transform the way students learn, educators teach, and the public thinks about education,” to quote from the Landmark College website.

Windham College alumni thank Landmark President Peter Eden as well as faculty, trustees, and students, all of whom welcomed us warmly to the campus, inviting us to join them for the dedication of Alumni Hall, the delicious barbeque held on the quad, and the ribbon cutting on the new Nicole Goodner MacFarlane Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation.

A special event for Windham alums was the permanent placement of the marble Windham College sign in the Alumni Hall garden.

We also thank the Marina for providing us with a comfortable place to hold the Windham College Alumni Association Friday evening reception, and we commend the restaurant's staff for their excellent service.

Thanks to all who helped to make the weekend a success.

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