Breaking the logjam at the local level

GUILFORD — The disarray in Washington continues. Can we help restore civil civic discourse by example?

We have been hearing regularly from our D.C. delegation that a great many vital issues can and need to be dealt with. All three lawmakers - senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and U.S. Rep. Peter Welch - are being creative and aggressive, proposing legislation and working with their colleagues across party lines to break the logjam, Vermont style. And they have each, in their own style, asked us to be activists now at the grassroots level.

A group of us in Guilford are reaching out to all our neighbors in the Vernon/Guilford house district, inviting everyone - Progressives, Democrats, Independents, and disaffected Republicans - to join us in a community meeting on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 4 p.m. at the Broad Brook Grange (3940 Guilford Center Rd.) for a town-meeting-like free and open discussion of issues important to all of us.

Then we want to start new initiatives, deciding what to do, how to work together.

Everyone is welcome to come and listen and share ideas, and some refreshments. We need to get engaged.

A few of the issues that might come up are Medicare for all, high-quality education for everyone at all levels to drive the Vermont economy, and protecting our environment. How, working at the grassroots, do we afford these initiatives and strengthen our economy in the state in general and in Vernon and Guilford in particular?

After meeting for about an hour, those who want to stay can join our caucus to officially reorganize our Democratic/Progressive town committees. We are hoping to make them as broadly based and activist as possible.

If you want to contact me, please do; email me or call 802-254-9472. (Leave a message, and I will return your call.) For a Vernon contact, please email Ian Hefele.

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