Concern over trans people competing in chess is misplaced

BRATTLEBORO — Thank you to Kira Storm for taking the time to share her perspective. I had heard passing reference to the policy change of FIDE (the International Chess Federation), but knowing nothing about that world, I didn't have any context.

I especially appreciate her raising the double standard in the decision around trans women versus trans men - stripping prizes won by trans men when they were living as girls or women does seem punitive indeed (just cruelty for its own sake, I guess).

I don't have any lived experience as a person transitioning, but my gut tells me that anytime we worry that people will change their gender identity in hopes of winning some competition or another, that's a misplaced fear.

Being trans in this world is so heavily penalized as to be dangerous. I genuinely doubt that anyone would enter into the danger and hate which transfolk face to win a coveted trophy.

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