Outgoing representative urges write-in vote for Gilligan

VERNON — Aug. 14 is the date for the primary election in Vermont. Patrick Gilligan is seeking the Republican nomination for state representative representing Guilford and Vernon.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control; Patrick was unable to complete the petition process to have his name placed on the ballot. He is asking you to request a Republican ballot and write his name in for the state representative position.

I, too, am asking that you take a Republican ballot and with your write-in vote nominate him to be on the November ballot for state representative.

I do not make this request lightly. As you know, during my time as your Representative, I did everything in my power to represent all of my constituents with equal and fair consideration. I know Patrick would do the same.

Patrick is a bright, articulate, considerate, and honest young man with the drive and dedication to represent our communities effectively.

It is important that our voters have options in the November election! All viewpoints deserve to be heard and considered.

Please allow this to happen by writing in Patrick. You can go to the polls on Aug. 14 or stop by the Town Hall in Guilford or Vernon and cast an early ballot for him.

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