Stuart: Seasoned, compassionate, and real

DUMMERSTON — Vermont State Representative Valerie Stuart, who is up for election for a fifth term in the primary on Tuesday, Aug. 14, will start working for you from day one. She doesn't have to get up to speed. She knows the lay of the land, and she knows how to get things done. Valerie is seasoned, compassionate, and real. She cares about everyone in our community, especially her constituents.

Val's own life experiences and challenges have contributed to her deep empathy for people and her in-depth understanding of many issues. She is fierce about fighting for youth and families, equal pay and a livable wage, and high-quality child care and health care. She also is dedicated to combating climate change and to protecting the environment. She is a problem solver, a creative thinker and a go-getter.

I was reminded of Val's concern for others when I received a call from her out of the blue one day asking if I was okay. This was after a particularly difficult public outcry over a local nonprofit's governance.

I was so surprised and yet so thankful and honored that someone - Val - took the time to reach out. Never in my life has a state - or any other - representative ever made such a call to me. That gesture brought home how deep Valerie's compassion goes and how much she cares about everyone.

Cast your vote to send Val back to Montpelier for another term.

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