Keep lidocaine patches from entering sewage system

BRATTLEBORO — Kudos to Bruce Lawrence and his team for their persistence in diminishing the smell of the waste treatment plant. I live in Morningside, and know what that was like. They did great work.

I have wanted to visit the plant, but am sensitive to sulfur, and the smell even from afar set off symptoms that were not good.

I would also like to speak to Lawrence's comment about flushing wipes, which are indeed not flushable. Speaking as a former New Hampshire health officer, lidocaine pain patches represent an even worse hazard to the system.

These common treatments are hydrophilic, meaning they absorb water and swell up. They will clog any pipe. They can absorb sweat from your back and fall off - into the toilet.

If you sweat a lot and need to use those patches on your back, please put a back belt (such as is used to keep on a cold gel pack) over the patch, to keep it from entering the waste stream.

Help your treatment plant workers help you.

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