Help and hope in place of despair

DUMMERSTON — If you are like me, each day as you hear the news, you hang your head in despair over what is happening to children and families at the United States border and wish there were something you could do.

If you agree with the following statement, please share it in any way you can think of with everyone you can possibly think of. Hopefully it will make a difference.

“To every public official, person with influence or position, and citizen of the United States:

“Please do everything in your power, including using your input and influence, passing and enforcing laws, making financial contributions, volunteering and advocating in person, through the media, electronically, through the mail and phone to assure that:

“1. Children who come into the United States are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect at all times and by everyone, including all government officials.

“They are kept safe, with their family or with caring adults, and immediately receive excellent care that includes, but is not limited to, protection from harm and from the elements, ample healthy food, clean clothing appropriate to their needs, a bed with a clean mattress, as many soft blankets as they want, sanitation, the ability to take care of their personal hygiene, privacy, medical care, education appropriate to their age and culture, age-appropriate interesting and fun activities, and love and support in circumstances that emulate our nation's finest facilities.

“Their situation is stabilized quickly without hindrance, and child neglect and/or abuse is not tolerated.

“2. Responsible people, including government officials at all levels, who do not follow or support this guideline or who obstruct high-quality care for these children will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“3. Government officials develop working, supportive relationships with countries of origin to prevent violence and rectify circumstances that force people to leave their homes.”

Another thing I can do and that I hope others will do is to contribute as much as possible to the Community Asylum Seekers Project. The group is working to raise $75,000 to get five families who are seeking asylum out of detention, back together if they have been separated, and integrated into our country.

I have decided that there are things I can do without and will be sending the money I save to CASP.

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