Planned Parenthood benefits: a shining example of human endeavor

HALIFAX — Thank you, Deborah Lee Luskin. For Timothy Grant, some questions about his opposing views:

What gives you the right to interfere in my doctor-patient relationship?

What allows any government or governmental agency the right to dictate the words my doctor uses during a private consultation?

Should information about all aspects of reproductive responsibility be available to all? Should not that information be free of religious dogma?

Food for thought:

Do males share the responsibility for unwanted pregnancies?

Are males responsible for children they sire?

Would you favor a law that requires males to use contraceptives? Might such a law cut the number of unwanted, unintended pregnancies?

You define abortion as murder. You accuse Planned Parenthood of crimes and lies - accusations are cheap and must never be accepted as truth.

The record of worldwide benefits bestowed on humanity by Planned Parenthood is a shining example of human endeavor.

May it, may those who courageously work there, and may we survive the blind bigotry that presently prevails.

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