The apian way
Photographer and beekeeper William Dixon will present an exhibit, “Bees, Beehives, and Beekeepers of New England,” at the Crowell Art Gallery in Newfane during the month of March.

The apian way

Crowell Gallery to feature the bee photography of William Dixon

NEWFANE — The Crowell Art Gallery will be a hive of activity in March, featuring “Bees, Beehives, and Beekeepers of New England” by William Dixon.

Dixon, a well-known photographer from the Brattleboro area, has used the camera to capture the respect he and his fellow beekeepers have for these industrious insects.

For two years, Dixon traveled the rural and urban areas of New England and New York photographing honey bees.

Fascinated by the efficiency of the bee colony and respectful of the vital role bees play in our environment, he has put together a photo exhibition that depicts the cycle of bees, the honey they produce, and the dedicated beekeepers responsible for their survival.

His photographs reveal bees, apiaries, and individual beekeepers working with their bees, and they will be accompanied by actual beekeepers' equipment such as smokers, a real beehive (sans bees), an extractor machine, beekeepers' clothing, and bee products such as honey, soap, and candles.

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