Forum will discuss options for divesting from fossil fuel

BRATTLEBORO — So you want to do something about climate change, but you are stuck at home? No problem!

350Brattleboro is hosting an online divestment panel discussion Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. because now is the perfect time to sit down at your computer and figure out how people can help stop the flow of your money supporting fossil fuel.

“Divestment in Place - Cash and Capital” will host banking and investment experts to help people find a checking account or credit card as well as where to invest. The event was originally planned for the Brooks Memorial Library. Now it will be a Zoom online meeting sponsored by 350Brattleboro, the library, and All Souls Church Social and Environmental Action Committee. This event is free, but a simple registration is required at tinyurl.com/ASCDivest.

If you have questions, contact George Carvill, Marisa Keller, or Abby Mnookin.

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