Letter is sad proof that so many of us have nothing in common

DUMMERSTON — I'm so thankful for people like Mike Mrowicki who speak plainly and clearly about the enormous gap between sane, honest, rational, and ethical people and those who support Donald Trump.

Mr. Mrowicki's recent Legislative Update [“In search of common ground,” Dec. 2] laments the possibility of finding common ground between Democrats and ReTrumplicans, and he couldn't be more correct.

Now that Trump has attempted a coup, his latest assault on our democratic republic, the gap is clear between traitors to the country who continue to support him and the rest of us: patriots who believe in the rule of law and the positive role that representative government can play in our lives.

Gerard Cloutier's letter is sad proof that so many of us have nothing in common. I like to be optimistic in life and try to reach across differences, but let's be honest.

The ReTrumpicans have declared open war on the American way of life that World War II veterans like my father hoped to preserve by enlisting in the army after Pearl Harbor. The enemy's goals in that war were brazen; they are identical in my mind to Trump's.

ReTrumplicans' goals are the destruction of representative government, the end of free and fair elections, the creation of a dictatorial and totalitarian office of the president, the subordination of truth to lies, and the sordid list goes on and on.

So long as Vermont Republicans ally themselves with the most destructive force in the history of our country, Trump and Trumpism, the gloves are off and the fight is on. There can be no compromise with the enemy within.

Mr. Cloutier, try to understand why Gov. Phil Scott repeatedly repudiates Trump, and then maybe you and other Trumpists will understand why a longtime public servant like Mr. Mrowicki sees little hope in compromise with what your party represents.

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