Theatre Adventure receives funding to support online programming
Theatre Adventure’s presentations moved into the online realm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Theatre Adventure receives funding to support online programming

BRATTLEBORO — The Board of Directors of Theatre Adventure, Inc. recently announces that the nonprofit has been awarded four grants to support its online programming for 2021.

These grants have been received from the Puffin Foundation, Windham Foundation, Brattleboro Town Arts Fund, and the Vermont Community Foundation's Crosby-Gannett Fund.

The Puffin Foundation has awarded Theatre Adventure a grant to support the Peer Mentor Leadership Project in an online format. Funds will be used for an assistant teacher who has developmental challenges, to offer mentor financial aid, and to support the supervision of the mentors.

A grant from the Windham Foundation will provide technical support for continued engagement in Theatre Adventure's online curriculum. Grant funding will be used to increase the hours of the technical support staff to facilitate virtual instruction and performances for at least 40 individuals with disabilities throughout 2021.

Grants from the Brattleboro Town Arts Fund and the Crosby-Gannett Fund will cover expenses for art supplies for participants. These materials allow all troupe members to fully access the curriculum while participating from home.

The Crosby-Gannett Fund grant additionally provides technical support through the spring 2022 semester.

Theatre Adventure is an inclusive nonprofit organization for youth and adult actors with developmental disabilities. It provides opportunities for people with disabilities to cultivate their imaginations and form friendships in a respectful and nurturing learning setting.

Participants learn to work as a team and express their artistry. Theatre Adventure is recognized as one of the region's only expressive arts environments for youth and adults with disabilities.

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