Mrowicki ‘should resign for attempting to tear our community apart with hatred’

PUTNEY — This is an open letter to my representatives, in particular Mike Mrowicki.

Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. The content of America's character is to love, to give, and to care for all humanity.

I know people are divided. I want all to pay close attention to who is telling you to hate and fear.

I ask for your immediate resignation, Mike, for the reason of the hate you are spewing from your political soapbox.

Clearly, you are attempting to portray all those who are of different political persuasions than yourself as deplorable, using ad hominem phrases like “Trump sycophants” and “Mitch McConnell minions” - as if your Progressive/Democratic affiliates have a corner on love of America in all her colors.

I am not a Trump sycophant, and I am not a Mitch McConnell minion, but I cannot agree with you that Trump people are more unlawful than others or hateful of anyone for their color.

I believe Americans love each other, and I have seen Americans of every color loving each other while supporting Trump. I see people enamored with Trump and people with Biden loving each other too.

What I see these days is politicians directing American people to hate and fear each other. It's disgraceful.

As a leader, you should resign for attempting to tear our community apart with hatred. Instead of setting an example of peace, you are actively designing discord and instructing us to be enemies.

We, the people, have more than the right to question the basis of authority, we have the imperative duty. Without our scrutiny, authority quickly becomes tyrannical. Mike, you have become tyrannical.

The surrender of freedoms - in particular, the public freedom to question Biden's or Trump's “science” - must be restored. We, the people, are the ones who must uphold our Constitution. Authorities trespass on our rights, they suckle on control.

We must safely speak our truth in complete freedom and safety - especially now, Mike, when only your hateful narrative is allowed.

We must love another with a fierce loyalty to all that is humanity, finding love beyond our separate views, and airing our own views in an atmosphere of respect and honor, and receiving others the same way. I disagree 100 percent with your statement that Biden has been truthful.

Science and doctors should never be censored to the advantage of Big Pharma. Politicians should never encourage the public to hate or fear one another for any reason.

When they do, we, the people, must demand their resignation, for they are harming the fabric of love that sustains us across viewpoints and across skin color and across economic divides.

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