Artu, Hashim: pragmatic visionaries

BRATTLEBORO — I am thrilled that we have such incredible candidates running for state senate in Windham County. Wichie Artu and Nadar Hashim are both visionaries with the pragmatic skills needed to address the challenges we're facing, from covid to addiction to climate change.

Nadar Hashim, who has already served as state representative from Windham-4, views and crafts policy through the lens of equity and justice. Most notably -especially with the state senate losing Sen. Becca Balint - he is a bridge builder, respected by colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

Wichie Artu is a farmer who puts community at the center of all of his decisions and who listens deeply. As a gay Puerto Rican Vermonter, he has worked for racial and LGBTQ justice in our community and built up neighbor-to-neighbor assistance systems to help all thrive. He cares passionately about affordable housing and addressing climate change, and he has the skill set needed to bring people together and make change.

It is a special thing to find people with a clear and expansive vision and a willingnesss to serve. And in this case it's also combined with the rarest gem there is among those in power –– they are motivated by our needs rather than their ego.

I'm proud to support both of these candidates.

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