Delia Robinson is featured artist at Gallery in the Woods

BRATTLEBORO — Join Gallery in the Woods, 145 Main St., on Friday, Aug. 4, from 5 to 8 p.m., for Layering, a night of art and mini crankie performances by Delia Robinson. On exhibit are new and collected paintings, sculptural clay whistles, and live mini showings featuring a story scroll made by Robinson.

"As the paint is laid down, layer after layer, I notice what a perfect analog art making is for life in Vermont," Robinson said in a news release.

Robinson lives in Montpelier, where she paints, writes, sings songs, creates crankie theater performances, and continues a family tradition of making figurative clay whistles.

"She finds her muse in a land of celestial whimsy," say organizers. "People and forest animals frolic in trees while elephants pull sledges laden with layered cakes that echo the turrets of far off castles. Wheels of fire mingle with stars and dance in a prophetic sky. Her colors are bold and bright. They invite the viewers into a festival of visual delight."

A viewer at a recent show wrote, "Her articulate imagination defies the range of possibility of mere words. Her work must be seen and lingered upon."

For more information, call 802-257-4777 or visit

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