One of Julia Sorensen’s “Beyond the Bounds” paintings.
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One of Julia Sorensen’s “Beyond the Bounds” paintings.

Works by Julia Sorensen on display at Gallery 34

BRATTLEBORO — "Beyond the Bounds," the first solo exhibit by Julia Sorensen will open at Gallery 34 at 34 Main St. near the Latchis Theatre on Friday, Sept. 1, from 5 to 8 p.m., during Gallery Walk.

Sorensen's exhibit features abstract pieces created using a variety of nontraditional techniques and inspired by abstract artist Ed Clark, who is sometimes referred to as "the lost abstract expressionist."

After seeing his work in Chicago's Art Institute, Sorensen said, she wondered what would happen if she started going beyond the bounds of traditional shapes, colors, and techniques, as Clark had done. She draws on his willingness to break the plane of the canvas, to go outside the bounds.

She has experimented with constructing pieces rather than being confined to a traditional canvas and has used brooms to apply paint in addition to brushes, blades, and other implements, as Clark did. She also often works with her pieces on the ground, not an easel or wall. This allows her to apply paint differently and work in all directions at once.

"The work invites viewers to consider their own relationship with the typical or expected and to go Beyond the Bounds," notes Gallery staff.

Gallery 34 is a contemporary venue, (1)and is associated with the River Gallery School of Art. A new show opens on the first Friday of every month in time for Brattleboro's Gallery Walk. Artwork is viewable anytime through the gallery's window on Main Street. For more information, visit

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