A gratuitous personal assault

DUMMERSTON-Kate Casa's response to John Ungerleider's letter concerning local debate about the horrific state of affairs in Gaza definitely crossed the civility line from my perspective.

Instead of simply staying with her defensible points about Israeli occupation and military assault on Palestinians and the intractability of the conflict, she chose to engage in a gratuitous personal assault on John.

Her comments disparaging his entire career, one dedicated to transforming conflict and bringing warring parties together to further peace, were lamentable at best, inexcusable at worst.

Those demeaning and dismissive comments by Ms. Casa have no place in the current discourse that is too often fraught with animosity and vitriol and ad hominem attacks.

A saying I heard recently is: "Debate ideas, not people." I think this ethos would serve us all well in the current climate and allow us to disagree civilly without resorting to vitriolic personal attacks on a highly respected community member.

Bill Conley


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