A lung is a lung

I had to respond to Robin Rieske's piece.

First, cigarette companies targeted everyone regardless of race or any other factor. (Remember the rugged white Marlboro Man?) Most companies want everyone to buy their product.

Second, a lung is a lung, and cigarettes affect every smoker exactly the same way!

I would rather see people smoking cigarettes than using illicit drugs.

If you bring beer, even "light" beer, to an already intoxicated person to "keep them and others safe," you are an enabler. Same for "needle exchanges": That's enabling.

I'm amazed Rieske wants certain cigarettes and tobacco products banned but supports continued illicit drug use by handing out paraphernalia and substances that perpetuate the problem.

Sandy Golden

Hinsdale, N.H.

This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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