Chute: Putney Selectboard has been more productive than it has been in a decade

I'm writing to state how important I believe it is to return Aileen Chute (Tulloch) to the Putney Selectboard for another three-year term.

Under Aileen's guidance as chair, the board has been more productive than I can recall in my decade of Selectboard watching. During her brief three-year tenure (two as chair), the board has expanded access to its meetings, updated and written policies and procedures, established an equitable procedure for allocating American Rescue Plan Act funds, held numerous public hearings, signed an agreement to purchase Cooper Field to and expand the town's recreational facilities, solicited a risk assessment of the fire department, and approved a new town plan.

The coming years will present even more challenges as the Selectboard begins to implement the new Putney Town Plan and continues to grapple with the pressing issues of housing, taxes, and infrastructure needs.

Aileen's experience, organizational skills, deep knowledge of the issues, and understanding of town government will facilitate getting this plan off the page and into reality.

In her role, Aileen displays a command of a wide range of subjects, is always prepared and thorough, asks insightful questions, treats all board and audience members with respect, and maintains good order.

She is intelligent and wise with a sense of humor and always responsive to questions by email or phone.

Aileen knows Putney. She's served both as a lister and as a member of two other town committees; she is a parent, a local shopper, a walker of our streets and trails, a library patron, and a believer in Putney's future.

At three years, Aileen has the most experience of this young board, which will add at least one new member in March. There is a steep learning curve to becoming an effective Selectboard member - it takes time to learn how town government works.

As a committed community supporter, I ask you to please vote with me on March 5 for the experience and for the thoughtful, strong, and knowledgeable contributions that Aileen will continue to make to the Putney Selectboard.

Janice Baldwin


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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