Quipp: Engaged, thoughtful, and collaborative

BRATTLEBORO — As a member of Representative Town Meeting, as a Selectboard Meeting attendee, and as a Brattleboro community member, I have witnessed Daniel Quipp act as a thoughtful and measured leader on the board over the past two years. I respect the way that Daniel carefully considers each issue that comes before the board and seeks input from a wide variety of people in town before making a decision.

Throughout COVID, I have seen him make decisions to help keep our community as safe as possible. He has been ahead of state- and national-level curves on a number of important pandemic issues. Daniel was an early and strong supporter of our town's mask order in the middle of May, which was shortly after stores were allowed to reopen. Gov. Scott didn't implement a statewide mandate until August.

Daniel was also an early advocate for a moratorium on water/sewer disconnections, protecting residents who have been financially affected by the pandemic. Additionally, he voted to approve freezing Small Business Loan repayments, helping protect our local business community during this same time.

The Selectboard has had a number of other equity-related issues come before them this year, including what became the Community Safety Review and a rental housing ordinance, limiting how much landlords can ask for from renters when moving into a new home. Daniel supported both of these initiatives.

Throughout each of these processes, I saw him gather broad input to make informed decisions that will help bring our whole community forward. He listens, he seeks conversation, he incorporates feedback, and he builds relationships with residents and fellow Selectboard members.

I haven't agreed with every action Daniel has taken. However, the way I have seen him engage with these processes, and the thoughtfulness he has brought to those decisions, are part of what makes me respect him as a friend, a colleague, and a municipal leader. It's part of what makes him a Selectboard member truly working for our whole community. It's part of why I'll be proud to once again cast my vote for him this year.

Join me in voting to re-elect Daniel Quipp to a one-year position on the Brattleboro Selectboard!

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