Eastes: intelligence, consideration, and affordable internet

GUILFORD — (1)I have known Zon Eastes for over 30 years, and I have always known him to be an intelligent, thoughtful and considerate person.

Zon has brought a very strong work ethic to his time on the Guilford Selectboard. He does his homework and is prepared for meetings. He has dived in and studied the issues in depth, and his knowledge and experience will continue to serve our town well.

Probably the most notable contribution has been his work to obtain affordable internet for every Guilford household. The pandemic certainly taught us the importance of that.

Zon has made a huge effort to reach out to listen and learn from his constituents.

I was a strong critic of the manner in which the Selectboard decided to terminate the entire Planning Commission as well as the way they communicated their decision to the members they dismissed. (2)Zon sought me out to hear about and understand my concerns. He listened(3), and I believe he will integrate what he's learned from the many citizens he reached out to as he continues to serve on the Selectboard.

Please join me in supporting Zon as he seeks reelection to the Guilford Selectboard. H(4)e brings a level head and good perspective to the board and will continue to work hard for our town.(5)

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